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Partner with Us

The Microfund's goal is to offer interest-free loans to members of the community who encounter a one time unexpected financial obstacle. We prefer our loan recipients to be referred by a partner. We cannot consider loans in excess of $3,000.

We can partner with employers, social service agencies, and faith based institutions. Consider referring a loan applicant to us if:

  • You know and trust the person.

  • You know how the person plans to use the loan, and that there is a legitimate need

  • You understand how the Microfund works and believe in the mission of the Microfund.

Loans are available for one-time expenses and can be customized to meet the unique needs of each applicant. For example, they may be used to cover a wide range of emergencies such as unexpected medical procedures, car repairs, license or registration fees, certain training/tuition fees, replacement of basic home appliances, and unexpected damages to households.

The Partnering Agency Has No Financial Liability!


​A monthly repayment schedule is required in the agreement. All loans must be repaid within twenty-four months. Repayments make funds available for others who need them. Applicants must sign an agreement promising to repay the loan.

As a partner you will:​

  • Help to follow up with the loan recipient as necessary

  • Inform the Micro Fund if the loan recipient runs into unexpected problems; it is possible that a revised repayment agreement be arranged

  • Inform the Micro Fund if you are aware that the loan recipient changes his/her address or phone number.

  • When repayments are complete, the loan recipient may request a letter that can be used to help establish their credit rating.

For more information, please email

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