How to Apply

Return your application to A representative of the Branford Microfund will contact you upon receipt of your application within three days.

Loans are available for one time expenses.

Loans are customized to meet the unique needs of each applicant and may be used to cover a wide range of emergencies such as unexpected medical procedures, car repairs, license or registration fees, certain training/tuition fees, replacement of basic home appliances, and unexpected damages to households. 


If your application is approved, a check will be issued and you will be required to sign a repayment agreement. A monthly repayment schedule will be included in the agreement. Loans must be repaid within 30 months.

Loan repayment will be paid by automatic deduction or transfer made every month from the recipient’s bank account and/or paycheck.​

A Branford Microfund representative will mentor you through our process. If you encounter unexpected problems with repayment, contact your partner or mentor and a revised payment agreement may be arranged.


When repayments are complete, the loan recipient may request a letter that can be used to improve his/her creditworthiness.


To apply for a loan, you fill out a few short forms – an application and a budget worksheet. Forms are available at one of our many partnering agencies or you can download them here by clicking the buttons below.